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Meet Our Company Realtor

Lucy Jordan 
VHVATC Realtor

I moved to Charlotte, NC from  New York City in 1993  as a single parent with my 9-year-old daughter. I had never been to Charlotte in my life and did not know anyone here. My brother had been killed in New York City. I moved here for a better way of life for myself and my daughter at the urging of my mother. It was a bold move. I took my daughter to Atlanta to stay with my mother for 6 months while I made connections here so that I could work. I worked for the Federal Government for over 20 years. I was a Sargeant in the US Army reserve for 4 years and became a Realtor in the year 2000. Since becoming a Realtor, I have become a Workforce Housing Specialist to help people find affordable housing. I also attained a Certified Military Residential Specialist in order to help servicemen transition from Active Duty to civilian life and find housing for them. 

Lucy Jordan, Realtor, WHS, CMRS

Keller Williams Realty

8520 Cliff Cameron Dr.

Suite 100

Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 293-3544

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